Christmas cheer...Saputo style! #saputocookup

Earlier this month, we were asked to capture a very special event that had an eye to not only the needs of our community, but to many others.

The folks at Saputo had planned The Big Cook Up, an event where staff members took a few hours out of their day to prep some large dishes of Herb Ricotta Stuffed Cannelloni in a Ratatouille sauce! Not only did this occur at our local Georgetown plant, but at multiple Saputo locations across the world!

Entering the converted lunch room, four long, tall tables were set up for teams of eight employees to chop, shred, stir and stuff a bounty of fresh vegetables into a tomato sauce, which served as a bed for the cannelloni to be nestled into with mounds of fresh mozzarella cheese…under the watchful eyes of a team of chefs. The teamwork was evident as the employees got through preparing ten huge casserole tins - then start the whole process over again! With two shifts in the morning and afternoon, the staff were able to make 160 massive cannelloni meals, which locally was in support of Food for Life Halton.

Here are just some of the images that capture the fun and hard work of the Saputo team for this worthwhile cause.

Giving Back Tastes Good, indeed!

Christmas Mini Sessions 2018...Round One!

What a great start to the holiday season!

We got to see some familiar faces and meet a whole bunch of new folks over the course of this past weekend. The link at the top of this post shows some of the photos we captured as part of our Christmas Mini Sessions. We also did some video of the sessions on the 17th/18th; hopefully we’ll be able to edit that shortly and get that up for you all to see; until then be sure to have a quick look at the time-lapse we did of the studio being set up! Two hours condensed into 40-odd seconds!!

There are still some time slots available! Sessions are available on November 23rd - which is a PA day in Halton Hills - as well as the 24th. We could probably squeeze a couple in the morning of the 25th, as well.

Fill out the contact form (also on the above link) to enquire for available times and to book your session. Once received, we will confirm the availability of the time slot and follow up with the deposit information to secure it. Sessions are booked on a first come, first served basis.


Fall Family Photo Sessions with Thanksgiving Around the Corner

I was in for a shock when I realized that not this weekend but NEXT weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada! Is it just me or did that sneak up really fast? It seems early this year and I am not ready. I mean, I am ready for pumpkin pie (I am always ready for pie), and I am ready for fall weather, I am also ready for all the family photo sessions that we are doing and will be doing as the leaves change colour. What I am not ready for is that after Thanksgiving comes Halloween and after Halloween comes Christmas... and now I am going into a coma!  I guess that was a very roundabout way to say that I am not ready for Christmas! So let’s not talk about that.

Thanksgiving weekend is always a busy one for us. Not only because we are taking the time to give Thanks with the ones we love, but we also get to capture all the other families who get together to spend time with each other. Big family groups are very popular this time of year, with gorgeous weather and often family is in from out-of-town! You can't beat that...especially if there’s pie!

If you’re planning on having your fall family photo done soon (and you should be) I would recommend reading one of our most popular blog posts titled “Tips & Tricks for a Smooth and Inspiring Fall Photography Session” which you can read here

We still have a couple of spots left, so grab your closest family member, and their pumpkin pie, and get some memorable photographs taken!

Here are some sessions from this past weekend!


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It's Time to Start Planning Your Family Portrait Session!

It’s Labour Day weekend and if you have kids and you live in Canada that means back to school is literally around the corner. It’s that time of year where we all know we need to starting planning. Figuring out lunches, signing up for activities (late of course), and feeling like a hot mess for the next week or two. Or is that just me?  While you are starting to make a schedule and organize your life now is the perfect time to add "Update Family Portrait" to your list. The leaves will soon be changing, adding beautiful colours to the background and now is the perfect time to book an outdoor photo session with your favourite photographer! 

Here is some inspiration for those interested in doing a fall session!

Interested in booking with us? Shoot us an email, text us, or give us a call (information below)!

Have an awesome long weekend!

Love, LOCPS xoxo

Left of Centre Photography Services

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Emily's Cake Smash

I have been waiting very impatiently to use my bed-head backdrop again, and featuring it for some family photos just before a cake smash happens worked out perfectly! We used our super cool starry night background for this session (requested by Mom and Dad) and at first I admit I was a little unsure, but after we put the cake down in front of it- I fell in love! I can't wait to use it again for another cake smash session! Take a look -

Love LOCPS xoxo

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A Newborn Session with Wyatt!

Photographing newborns is a true passion for me. I love setting up the backgrounds,  cuddling the babes and perfecting my angle!  I really enjoyed getting to know this amazing family and their handsome little man, Wyatt. He was just perfect during the session and slept beautifully, allowing me to capture these amazing images of him!


Love LOCPS xoxo

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A Maternity/Family Photo Session with our Neighbours!

Just over a year ago our new neighbours moved in. We were a little nervous when the house went up for sale as the previous owner, a single older gentleman, was never home and we were used to the house being empty. Once we saw that it was a young family moving in we were thrilled. Our neighbourhood is just starting to evolve with young families and our kids have been starving for local playmates. Over this year we have absolutely loved getting to know Ben, Danielle and their son Wyatt (whom our children adore).  We were thrilled when Danielle shared the news that they were expecting their second child, and we were honoured when asked to do updated maternity and family photos for them!

We are so happy to have these wonderful and genuine people as our neighbours and we hope they never leave! 

Here are some highlights from our session with this gorgeous family!

Love LOCPS xoxo

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