New Year, New Image...Corporate Headshots with an eye to your brand

I can’t believe we are already a week into February! If the rest of the year is going to be anything like January it will be 2020 before I know it! 

Even with the absolute frigid weather we’ve been having here in Ontario, Canada, our studio has been heating up! This is our busiest time of year with Corporate Headshots, new business ventures and complete image overhauls! The New Year seems to spark a certain amount of change and reinvention in people, and it’s always exciting to be a part of that change and to help people with the vision of what they want to be, create, and exude. Imagery is the perfect way to tell your story, stand out, and make people stop and listen. 

While going through our headshot images I came across a great session we did this past summer. I decided to post them so we can all think of warmer times! Chelsea wanted a new business headshot, but she didn’t stop there - she wanted to capture a variety of lifestyle images representing her new health business. These images were a big part of her marketing plan, and intended to be featured all over her new website. The best part was that we were able to fulfill her wish list all in our home studio, kitchen and backyard!

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Love, LOCPS xoxox 

Women in the Spotlight!

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks here at the studio! As I said in one of our recent posts, professional headshots are very popular this time of year with corporate image changes and business refreshers.  Jeff usually photographs our corporate portraits here at Left of Centre Photography and I edit/retouch the final images. With many people coming and going through our space over the last month I have to say how impressed I am with the number women we’ve had the opportunity to photograph! As a woman, mother, business partner, daughter and sister I can’t help but beam with pride seeing all these strong, beautiful and successful women making their difference in the workforce.  I would also like to add that I feel stay at home mothers should be celebrated and have their professional portraits done too. As most of us know they have the toughest job and deserve just as much praise.

Thank you women of today, and women of the future for being all you are!

Take a look at these powerful and gorgeous women-

Love, LOCPS xoxox

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I need your help selecting my new headshot!

Over the weekend we were out photographing family portraits when I decided it was time to update my business headshot. I wanted something different from the in-studio look I've been rocking for the last couple of times I had my business portrait taken.  I wanted something a little more relaxed, and I had an artsy look-away-from-the-camera image in my head.  Of course I was more than pleased with the results and I managed to narrow it down... kinda. This is where I need your help! Which photograph should I use? Looking, not looking, smile, no smile? I have been staring at them so long trying to decide and figured who better to ask than all my friends out there who will be looking at this mug of mine every time I post something unbelievably intelligent and witty. This will be used in the typical social media sites, including LinkedIn.

Let me have it! Your thoughts, favourites and help is appreciated! The images are numbered (just hover over the photo) and don't forget to click them to make them bigger.

Love, LOCPS xoxox

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