3 important things to keep in mind before having a corporate headshot taken

In a world where on average a person is inundated with thousands of photos per day it is important to make sure that your personal image makes a serious impact. If you run a business or need your online profile to make an impression and stand out from all the other faces an eye-catching portrait is key.  How you want to portray yourself is a significant part of what kind of photograph you need. Three things to keep in mind before having a professional head shot taken:

1- How you want people to feel when they see you or the look you want to portray.

My personal rule of thumb while photographing business portraits is to make the person look professional but approachable. This look tends to be the best of both worlds, but ask yourself what kind of message you want to deliver to a potential client or employer.

2- What position do you currently hold within your company?

A photograph of a corporate Vice President holding a beer bottle in a lounge chair is not the most professional image to attach to a company and yes, I have seen this exact profile picture used on LinkedIn. If you sell beer, you may have hit your mark, but if you have any other career, this is can come across a little sloppy. When it comes to your online presence the message you give is important.

3- Are you looking to move up within a company or change careers?

If you aren't happy in the position you currently hold that's ok.  The idea is present an image that represents where you want to be.  Self image is incredibly important to how you act and feel about where you are and want to be, not only professionally, but in life in general. Putting your best foot and best face forward can change your life!

Here are some images of people who really hit the mark with their professional image-

Love, LOCPS xoxox

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Three Sessions that Represent a New Beginning in 2018!

The New Year has rolled in with a bang and we are very excited here at Left of Centre Photography to see what 2018 has in store! Not being one for those New Years Resolutions that I deep down know I am never going to achieve (sorry extra ten pounds make yourself comfortable ‘cause you’re staying put!). I like to look at the new year with the thought of fresh starts, new beginnings, clean slates and endless creative possibilities. Now is the perfect time to change a professional image, start that business, try blogging, or simply try something new-like a sandwich of mars bars and kit-kats; heaven!

After our break between Christmas and New Year we have hit the ground running and straight back to work!  Here at Left of Centre Photography January is Corporate Headshot month and one of our busiest times to help professionals achieve the best image they possibly can! Stay tuned for more business portrait blogs this month!

Here are three very different sessions that have been an awesome start to our 2018 and represent an impressive new beginning-

A new look! Marcel is a talented Opera singer attending his first year Masters program in Performance at Western University. Cropping in close, his headshots embody a theatre feel with posing and lighting while remaining professional. Perfect for a performing background!


A beautiful new baby boy to cuddle!  Jaysen was born in mid December and was the perfect gift to this family of four and with two big sisters to love him 2018 is going to be one magical year for this beautiful family!


Cat-in-the-Hate Knows a lot about That!  Massimo had a blast with his cake-smash with this colourful theme.  There really is nothing like being allowed to get cake EVERYWHERE!!! I like to use it as an excuse to make a mess- one that I make Jeff clean up!!

No matter where you are in life, the new year is the best time to reflect on and reinvent yourself! What are your plans for the new year? Whatever they are we hope that they are magical and everything you hoped for!

See you next week!

Love, LOCPS xoxo