There’s A Lot of Cake Thievery Going On!

Rachel and I are like this (I’m crossing my fingers together).  In 2015, when she was pregnant with her first daughter we did maternity photos, then newborn, then 6 month and then a cake smash… and then we did it all over again with baby number two!  I didn’t get the chance to blog every session we did, but check out Rachel’s first maternity session here and her second here, and Raelynn’s newborn photos here and Lily’s here. You can also see some of their family photos featured here!

I was really excited and sad when I got the call from Rachel that it was time to photograph Lily’s cake smash. I was really happy because I love cake smashes (cake everywhere is always fun), but sad because this would be our last session together. I’m cheering myself up though, because I know we will do family photos again in the fall and I am also secretly hoping Rachel has another baby. Just putting it out there! Regardless, Rachel and her gorgeous family have become part of our family - the photographs of Jeff feeding Lily and himself are proof of that! 

We had such a blast photographing Lily’s cake smash. We dressed up and rocked out to Queen Elsa singing Let it Go (video courtesy of Rachel can be found on our Instagram), ate some cake and danced around! I do have a tip for anyone looking to do a cake smash, don’t go to the session hungry. Either that, or don’t invite Rachel, she couldn’t keep her hands off that cake! 

Here are some epic shots from our session with Lily (and her cake stealing Mom and our very own Jeff)! 

Love LOCPS xoxox

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Turning One is so much Fun!

Sometimes when we have photography sessions with children shyness becomes a factor.  Fortunately both Jeff and I are photographers and there is usually one of us that becomes the "chosen one" with kids, and it's usually me...*cough*.  Actually it's about 50/50, but I like to tell myself I am more likeable than Jeff! When Parker came into our studio for his one year session he definitely played shy, but in the end we both won him over- he liked me the most, and we captured some really amazing shots of him. This is the first one year old session in a while where we didn't do a cake smash and had some fun with balloons instead.  We had such a great time and all of us ended up in giggles- which is always my favourite!

Check out some of our favourites here -

Love LOCPS xoxox

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Liam's Cake Smash and Extras with our NEW Backdrop!

I had so much fun hanging out with Liam and his parents celebrating him turning the big O.N.E! This is such a fun milestone. It usually marks the time when parents end up running even faster after their babes because they can walk, grab things and, let's face it, outsmart us. Liam is such a cutie and you will see why! Also... here it is, the moment we have all be waiting for... photos on my newest background purchase, I know you are all completely excited to see this.

Stay tuned, I have proposed my DIY prop to Jeff and he so happily accepted the challenge.  He may tell you I bullied him into it, but don't listen to him it's all lies.

See you all next week!

Love, LOCPS xoxox

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