Rosie Turns One!

It truly feels like it was just yesterday when I was photographing Rosie as a newborn baby. She has now turned one, proving that time flies and people are right when they tell you to enjoy every moment when they are little. It has been a gift to watch her grow, from the maternity session of Rosie in her Mum’s belly, to her newborn and 6 month old session, and now she’s gone and turned one on me! I can’t wait to continue to capture and watch her personality blossom!

Love, LOCPS xo’s 

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Turning One is so much Fun!

Sometimes when we have photography sessions with children shyness becomes a factor.  Fortunately both Jeff and I are photographers and there is usually one of us that becomes the "chosen one" with kids, and it's usually me...*cough*.  Actually it's about 50/50, but I like to tell myself I am more likeable than Jeff! When Parker came into our studio for his one year session he definitely played shy, but in the end we both won him over- he liked me the most, and we captured some really amazing shots of him. This is the first one year old session in a while where we didn't do a cake smash and had some fun with balloons instead.  We had such a great time and all of us ended up in giggles- which is always my favourite!

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Love LOCPS xoxox

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