Christmas cheer...Saputo style! #saputocookup

Earlier this month, we were asked to capture a very special event that had an eye to not only the needs of our community, but to many others.

The folks at Saputo had planned The Big Cook Up, an event where staff members took a few hours out of their day to prep some large dishes of Herb Ricotta Stuffed Cannelloni in a Ratatouille sauce! Not only did this occur at our local Georgetown plant, but at multiple Saputo locations across the world!

Entering the converted lunch room, four long, tall tables were set up for teams of eight employees to chop, shred, stir and stuff a bounty of fresh vegetables into a tomato sauce, which served as a bed for the cannelloni to be nestled into with mounds of fresh mozzarella cheese…under the watchful eyes of a team of chefs. The teamwork was evident as the employees got through preparing ten huge casserole tins - then start the whole process over again! With two shifts in the morning and afternoon, the staff were able to make 160 massive cannelloni meals, which locally was in support of Food for Life Halton.

Here are just some of the images that capture the fun and hard work of the Saputo team for this worthwhile cause.

Giving Back Tastes Good, indeed!

We Photographed the Georgetown Hospital Foundation Gala Event!

Can it be? Is this the first blog post that Amy managed to get me to do?? Jeff here. Thankfully you can't see how slow my one-fingered typing skills are.
Last week, Amy and I had the privilege to attend a fundraising Gala for our local hospital. It got me to thinking about how lucky we are to be so close to one (we literally drove there in two minutes when our son was about to be born) and about how I’ve always lived close to a hospital. In my youth I once cut my thumb at a restaurant job, and after I finished my shift washing the dishes with one hand in the air to slow the bleeding, I walked to the emergency department, got three stitches…and walked home at 5 am! Pretty certain I was late to school that day…
Since having kids, our hospital visits have increased dramatically. Thankfully, nothing major has been required, but there’s been stitches and fevers and injuries from falling off a wall… you know, standard kid stuff. But this Gala got me to thinking…what would life be like if we were even 30 minutes away?
We were very proud to be asked to take photos of the event, and support our local hospital in the best way were able to. With a very talented Auctionista and an amazing performance by the Good Lovelies we are happy to report over $50k was raised at the event! Below you will find some of the shots taken to cover the event.
Maybe - just maybe - I’ll contribute another blog post soon!


Love, LOCPS xoxo
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