Our First Experience Photographing Twins

The conventional wisdom on having more of any one thing could be positive or negative, depending on your perspective.

And this is certainly true when contemplating Twin Children!


The details are a bit foggy, but I recall the first time we took photos of these twin boys in Milton. It was the first time that I went to the Town Hall courtyard; it felt like I’d stumbled upon a secret garden oasis! We’ve done photos there a few times since, but it has been a while.

What we’ve come to appreciate over the years is that toddlers are busy - and when there’s two of them, it can feel like more than double! The last family photo of the slideshow below proves that - on the run the moment the feet hit the ground!

I’m not sure how we managed to get these two to look at the camera, while sitting still, AND having a pleasant expression all in one moment…but there have been times that we can use a little trick, and I suspect that may have been the case…

When photographing a very active toddler, we’ll let them tootle around a bit to see if we can get them positioned where we want them. More times than not, they won’t stop moving - who can blame them when there’s soooo much to do! - but sometimes, if you pick them up and place them on a stool or chair, or bench, like the photo above, they will stop completely and look right at the camera! It’s usually most successful when there’s a bit of danger involved - if the object they sit on is just a bit taller than they’re used to, a bit of fear kicks in and they don’t move!!!

(a bit of a disclaimer on the above - they will move eventually, so photos need to be taken quickly, and an adult needs to be close by to step in and catch them if they start to fall!)

The above photo was a very large sample for years in our office…we just loved it! What do you think? Leave us a comment below, or reach out on social media!


Double the Fun- Photo-shoot of baby twins with Left of Centre Photography!

What's more challenging than one baby? Two of them! I bow down to parents of twins and multiples.  It takes far more organization and effort to even get out the door than it does with one child.  I'm in awe with how easily this family does it! Their girls are simply stunning and I was so impressed at how easy going the parents are.

I had such a great time photographing these gorgeous twin girls! Getting the chance to cuddle with both of them and seeing their different personalities was such a wonderful experience!

There really is something very special about twins, and these girls are no exception, check out a few of the gorgeous photographs I captured !

Love LOCPS xoxox

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