Fall Family Photo Sessions with Thanksgiving Around the Corner

I was in for a shock when I realized that not this weekend but NEXT weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada! Is it just me or did that sneak up really fast? It seems early this year and I am not ready. I mean, I am ready for pumpkin pie (I am always ready for pie), and I am ready for fall weather, I am also ready for all the family photo sessions that we are doing and will be doing as the leaves change colour. What I am not ready for is that after Thanksgiving comes Halloween and after Halloween comes Christmas... and now I am going into a coma!  I guess that was a very roundabout way to say that I am not ready for Christmas! So let’s not talk about that.

Thanksgiving weekend is always a busy one for us. Not only because we are taking the time to give Thanks with the ones we love, but we also get to capture all the other families who get together to spend time with each other. Big family groups are very popular this time of year, with gorgeous weather and often family is in from out-of-town! You can't beat that...especially if there’s pie!

If you’re planning on having your fall family photo done soon (and you should be) I would recommend reading one of our most popular blog posts titled “Tips & Tricks for a Smooth and Inspiring Fall Photography Session” which you can read here

We still have a couple of spots left, so grab your closest family member, and their pumpkin pie, and get some memorable photographs taken!

Here are some sessions from this past weekend!


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It's Time to Start Planning Your Family Portrait Session!

It’s Labour Day weekend and if you have kids and you live in Canada that means back to school is literally around the corner. It’s that time of year where we all know we need to starting planning. Figuring out lunches, signing up for activities (late of course), and feeling like a hot mess for the next week or two. Or is that just me?  While you are starting to make a schedule and organize your life now is the perfect time to add "Update Family Portrait" to your list. The leaves will soon be changing, adding beautiful colours to the background and now is the perfect time to book an outdoor photo session with your favourite photographer! 

Here is some inspiration for those interested in doing a fall session!

Interested in booking with us? Shoot us an email, text us, or give us a call (information below)!

Have an awesome long weekend!

Love, LOCPS xoxo

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Emily's Cake Smash

I have been waiting very impatiently to use my bed-head backdrop again, and featuring it for some family photos just before a cake smash happens worked out perfectly! We used our super cool starry night background for this session (requested by Mom and Dad) and at first I admit I was a little unsure, but after we put the cake down in front of it- I fell in love! I can't wait to use it again for another cake smash session! Take a look -

Love LOCPS xoxo

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A Fun Family Photo Session

I don't know about you, but I am loving this warm weather! I am ready to get into my garden, go for long walks, read a book in the sun, and of course start bringing my family portrait sessions outdoors! This session took place on this family's farm and we had so much fun with this amazing family of four!

Love LOCPS xo's

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This Sunday is...ahem...Father's Day!!

I know I usually post on Thursdays, but this is super important.... This Father's Day is Sunday June 17th,  yup THIS Sunday!

I don't know about you guys, but my Dad has always been my rock. From candy smuggler to solid shoulder to cry on, my Dad just gets me. My Mum always says my Dad and I are the same. This is something I am really proud about, especially because my Dad is one of the smartest people I know!

One of the best things about Dads is that they a generally very happy with whatever you get them. They would be completely humble if you handed them some half-chewed gum. I don't recommend doing that! I do recommend one of our customizable Gift Certificates! People don't realize how much Dads love photos. My Dad has pictures of our family everywhere and every time I bring one of my family photographs over for my parent's it mysteriously disappears from the main level and can be found in a special place in his home office. I bet you can guess what I am getting my Dad this year!

Here is a sample of our epic Father's Day Gift Certificate!

Here are some highlights from a Father- Daughter Session we did!

Love LOCPS xoxo

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Jacob’s First Communion

I know, I know!  Can you believe todays blog isn’t about a newborn, cake smash, family session or corporate headshot?  We do so many different types of sessions here at Left of Centre Photography and we thought we would mix things up this week with a First Communion Session!  Enjoy!


Love, LOCPS xo’s

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Our Second Session with a Brand New Family Member!

We had the privilege of photographing this family once before, when their daughter turned one. We were very honoured when they contacted us again once baby Ryleigh arrived. Ryleigh and her sister, Brianna, are the most adorable sisters ever and you can already tell they are going to be best of friends!  Here are some highlights of Ryleigh and her beautiful family. 

Love, LOCPS xo’s

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This Sunday is Mother's Day- We've Got Your Back!

This Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th,  for those of you keeping score that’s THIS Sunday! Start biting your nails now my friends because this is an occasion you can’t ignore! Mothers and mother figures are pretty incredible people, and I am not just saying that because I happen to be one. They are the ones we snuggle with when we’re young, confide in when we’re tweens, hold a grudge against when we’re teens (after discovering that confiding certain things maybe wasn’t the best idea), reconnect with once our hormones stop raging, and feel deep loss when they've gone. Throughout the roller coaster of life most Mums have our back. I know mine is pretty great, and although I would never turn to her with financial questions I can always rely on her to tell me whether my jeans make me look fat, and let’s be honest, that’s really important! 

I will confess that I still don’t have a Mother’s Day gift yet. Chocolate- sure, flowers- sure, originality- definitely not! It’s so difficult to not get trapped in a gestured cliché.  If you feel the same way, you are in luck! Memories are the best thing you can give your Mum. Lunch out- sure, a walk in the park- sure, a Left of Centre Photography Gift Certificate- now you’re talkin’!!! If you really want to WOW your Mother this Mother’s Day give us a buzz to create your very own customized gift certificate. 

Sorry for the shameless plug, now here are some great pics celebrating all you Mothers out there!

Love LOCPS xoxox

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Three Sessions that Represent a New Beginning in 2018!

The New Year has rolled in with a bang and we are very excited here at Left of Centre Photography to see what 2018 has in store! Not being one for those New Years Resolutions that I deep down know I am never going to achieve (sorry extra ten pounds make yourself comfortable ‘cause you’re staying put!). I like to look at the new year with the thought of fresh starts, new beginnings, clean slates and endless creative possibilities. Now is the perfect time to change a professional image, start that business, try blogging, or simply try something new-like a sandwich of mars bars and kit-kats; heaven!

After our break between Christmas and New Year we have hit the ground running and straight back to work!  Here at Left of Centre Photography January is Corporate Headshot month and one of our busiest times to help professionals achieve the best image they possibly can! Stay tuned for more business portrait blogs this month!

Here are three very different sessions that have been an awesome start to our 2018 and represent an impressive new beginning-

A new look! Marcel is a talented Opera singer attending his first year Masters program in Performance at Western University. Cropping in close, his headshots embody a theatre feel with posing and lighting while remaining professional. Perfect for a performing background!


A beautiful new baby boy to cuddle!  Jaysen was born in mid December and was the perfect gift to this family of four and with two big sisters to love him 2018 is going to be one magical year for this beautiful family!


Cat-in-the-Hate Knows a lot about That!  Massimo had a blast with his cake-smash with this colourful theme.  There really is nothing like being allowed to get cake EVERYWHERE!!! I like to use it as an excuse to make a mess- one that I make Jeff clean up!!

No matter where you are in life, the new year is the best time to reflect on and reinvent yourself! What are your plans for the new year? Whatever they are we hope that they are magical and everything you hoped for!

See you next week!

Love, LOCPS xoxo

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