One of our best photos...period.

When we started thinking about the 15th anniversary of locps, and some of the images we created in the past…one of the first photographs to come to mind is this one….

three month old baby with mother

Taken in December of 2004, Amy captured this moment in our Mill Street studio…and we’ve been haunted by those eyes ever since! In the single click of a shutter, an image that conveys so much emotion and so much feeling is really hard to put into words, even after so much time passing.

Liz had a footwear store around the corner from us, and came into our shop one day nervously with a request - could we capture the intimacy of her breastfeeding her little one? Of course we said yes!

The date was set, and I took the afternoon off. In order to help ease into the session, Amy took a bunch of photos working up to the feeding photos, and this is one of them. At three months old, Paige was not able to sit up on her own - most babies do so at six months - so mom lovingly held her for a bunch of them.

We used this photo as a sample everywhere. It was on a bunch of print ads and on our original website. We used it as our Gift Certificate image forever, it was the cover of a United Way brochure we designed, and it was prominent on the banners we had displayed on the outside of our second location on Main Street. In fact, Liz told us that when Paige was older, they would drive by and she would exclaim “There’s the Photo House!” when she saw herself.

Amy also captured the breastfeeding shots, but only a few. The session was cut short when, while naked and feeding, Paige had a bit of a bowel movement! It went everywhere!!! Poor Liz wasn’t sure what to do, holding a a baby without a shirt on and baby poop all over her. And neither did Amy - do you keep taking photos at that point, or do you start the clean up?

This Sunday is Mother's Day- We've Got Your Back!

This Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th,  for those of you keeping score that’s THIS Sunday! Start biting your nails now my friends because this is an occasion you can’t ignore! Mothers and mother figures are pretty incredible people, and I am not just saying that because I happen to be one. They are the ones we snuggle with when we’re young, confide in when we’re tweens, hold a grudge against when we’re teens (after discovering that confiding certain things maybe wasn’t the best idea), reconnect with once our hormones stop raging, and feel deep loss when they've gone. Throughout the roller coaster of life most Mums have our back. I know mine is pretty great, and although I would never turn to her with financial questions I can always rely on her to tell me whether my jeans make me look fat, and let’s be honest, that’s really important! 

I will confess that I still don’t have a Mother’s Day gift yet. Chocolate- sure, flowers- sure, originality- definitely not! It’s so difficult to not get trapped in a gestured cliché.  If you feel the same way, you are in luck! Memories are the best thing you can give your Mum. Lunch out- sure, a walk in the park- sure, a Left of Centre Photography Gift Certificate- now you’re talkin’!!! If you really want to WOW your Mother this Mother’s Day give us a buzz to create your very own customized gift certificate. 

Sorry for the shameless plug, now here are some great pics celebrating all you Mothers out there!

Love LOCPS xoxox

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Family Photo Time with LOCPS!

I have been going through our photos from the last couple of months and came across this great family session and wanted to share it with all of you! Enjoy! LOCPS xoxo  905-877-3900