Newborn photography session- with a very special little man and exciting tale to go with it!

I was thrilled when a very good and old friend of mine announced she was pregnant with her first child, finally she would join me in motherhood and we could discuss all the ups and downs of children.  We planned a pregnancy session for when she would hit 35 weeks and I starting thinking of all the amazing poses etc. I was going to do with her.  See, Emma and I have known each other since grade 9, and when I went off to college for Applied Photography she became my model for many sessions, even stripping down for me on a few of my fine art projects (thanks Emma! I got an "A" by the way!!). So you can imagine my excitement when I knew I could get some really amazing pregnancy photographs out of her! Her pregnancy progressed nicely and there were plans and conversations about baby showers and parties. I had received an email from her with some ideas on dates and asking my thoughts. Things were incredibly busy at work and I didn't reply in my usual speedy fashion so I wasn't surprised when I received a phone call the following day.  I answered with immediate apologies about not getting back to her about the shower dates to have her tell me she wasn't so worried about it as she felt it needed to be postponed for a while.  I laughed and asked her jokingly "Why, have you already had the baby?" her answer of "Yes." left me speechless (and that's saying something!).  Her son, Miles, was born 5 and a half weeks early.  Thankfully both he and Emma thrived and were released from the hospital in excellent health.  So, instead of doing maternity photographs, we skipped straight into newborn.  Before I share those photographs with you, I asked Emma to share her story of premature labour as I know many people out there can relate. Please take the time to read it and see some of the photographs of this special little man below. Love LOCPS xoxox   905-877-3900


Emma and Miles' Story-

I'm a full-time veterinarian and on the day Miles was born I was in a barn looking after some horses when my water broke unexpectedly. I was only 35 weeks into my pregnancy and my first thought was "this can't be happening, not now, not yet". I was wholly unprepared. I hadn't packed a bag for the hospital, I hadn't installed the car seat and I only had a handful of newborn clothes that I had thankfully purchased during the Black Friday sales in November. But preparation aside, what did this mean for our baby boy? Would he be able to be born naturally as we had planned? Would he be healthy? Would he require special care or treatments?

I drove myself to the hospital and met my husband walking in the emergency room door. When the doctor confirmed I was indeed in labor we had mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety all at once. In less than 12 hours our baby would be here. But our visions of a warm, wriggling newborn being deposited on my bare chest following delivery would not come to fruition. I got a brief glimpse of baby Miles before he was whisked away to the intensive care nursery where IV tubes, breathing aids and monitoring wires quickly sprouted from his little body like blades of grass. It was almost 24 hours before we could even hold him.

Thankfully all these measures were merely precautions and after five days under the watchful eyes of the doctors and nurses, Miles was discharged home at 5lbs 14oz with a clean bill of health. Miles's original due date finally came on June 1, 2015, and as I look down at my five week old son, now pushing 10lbs, I feel so grateful. Grateful that our son arrived early but healthy and grateful that I didn't have to deliver a 10 pound baby!  I can't imagine still being pregnant waiting for this little guy to arrive, he is such an important part of our lives already. No, we were not prepared, but I suppose what parent really is when it comes to the birth of your first child. Like many parents before us we had to roll with the punches and welcome this new adventure with open minds and open arms. Our lives will never be the same and I wouldn't have it any other way!