Winter is Coming - is the Fall Portrait Season over?

Two Saturday's ago was the last weekend of our little town’s Farmers Market. Just like Game of Thrones warns, "Winter is coming". As proof I have broken down and turned on our furnace, started making warm stews (in hopes of luring in John Snow) and I’ve even put on my extra comforter; only to kick it off in the night with our Canadian weather deciding to go through menopause with plenty of hot flashes this year.  We had a family wedding to attend, so I was rushed walking around the last day of our beautiful market.  I went to my absolute favourite person at the market, Emily, from Red Rabbit Gardens, to get all my produce.  If you live in town I highly suggest you check them out.  Emily and her husband, Cory, have a farm about a 20 minute drive from downtown Georgetown and they grow the most wonderful and colourful vegetables.  My daughter absolutely adores her purple peppers and cooking with their gorgeous multicoloured carrots has made our usual orange variety seem positively dull, not to mention the taste! Check out Emily’s Facebook page here and see for yourself how amazing her and her husband are! After loading up my bags at Red Rabbit I ran over to Heather’s Bakery and treated the family to cinnamon buns and sugar cookies; the breakfast of champions!

The end of market season also reminds me that in the next few weeks all the leaves will be fallen from the trees and scattered all over the ground. Jeff is obsessed with cleaning up leaves and will be out there non stop, so drop by to say hi or simply point and laugh, which is what I’ll be doing!  Although the weather will be a little more rainy and cool our fall portrait season isn't over, but it's getting close, so if you haven’t booked your family fall session with your favourite photographer yet, I suggest you do so now and take advantage of Mother Nature’s last warm days.  Which also reminds me that we need to take our annual family photo….gulp, I better get on that! off to the mall to find our outfits for this years session! If you want some great tips and tricks to make your fall family photography session go amazingly well, check out our last blog post here!

Love, LOCPS xoxo

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