Sibling love, just don't poop!

My brother and I are 19 months apart in age, which means I am the younger and far smarter sibling. Obviously. My poor mother claimed we were born so close together it felt like having twins. My sincere apologies to all mothers with actual twins, please note that my mother can be incredibly dramatic! I was always told to have my children close in age, so that 1. I could get it over and done with and 2. my little angels would be one another’s playmate, giving me a well deserved break. So I did. My children are 2.5 years apart in age, not at all like twins, I’m not dramatic like my mother! Although they play decently well together now… there is still a lot of fighting and screaming… and that is just my internal dialogue half the time! Just kidding. Mostly…but hey, I got it over and done with, right, and now I have the privilege of preventing murder in my house daily. Pure bliss.

Then one day I was photographing this gorgeous newborn boy and his big brother. There is a decent age gap between them, but seeing the love and affection from Logan’s big brother, Cole, was just mind-blowing. Cole was gentle and loving toward his new little brother and he couldn’t get enough of him… well until Logan pooped in his diaper while being held… no judgement there!

My kids love each other; mostly. These boys will grow up to love each other; mostly, and that’s the most important thing. Love cannot see age and that’s really special. I have no regrets about when and how close together my children were born, and I can honestly say that one size does not fit all and there are so many wonderful ways children bond no matter their age gap! Just don’t poop on your sibling. It doesn’t end well.

Check out Cole and his new baby brother!

Love, LOCPS xoxo

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