This Sunday is...ahem...Father's Day!!

I know I usually post on Thursdays, but this is super important.... This Father's Day is Sunday June 17th,  yup THIS Sunday!

I don't know about you guys, but my Dad has always been my rock. From candy smuggler to solid shoulder to cry on, my Dad just gets me. My Mum always says my Dad and I are the same. This is something I am really proud about, especially because my Dad is one of the smartest people I know!

One of the best things about Dads is that they a generally very happy with whatever you get them. They would be completely humble if you handed them some half-chewed gum. I don't recommend doing that! I do recommend one of our customizable Gift Certificates! People don't realize how much Dads love photos. My Dad has pictures of our family everywhere and every time I bring one of my family photographs over for my parent's it mysteriously disappears from the main level and can be found in a special place in his home office. I bet you can guess what I am getting my Dad this year!

Here is a sample of our epic Father's Day Gift Certificate!

Here are some highlights from a Father- Daughter Session we did!

Love LOCPS xoxo

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