A Maternity/Family Photo Session with our Neighbours!

Just over a year ago our new neighbours moved in. We were a little nervous when the house went up for sale as the previous owner, a single older gentleman, was never home and we were used to the house being empty. Once we saw that it was a young family moving in we were thrilled. Our neighbourhood is just starting to evolve with young families and our kids have been starving for local playmates. Over this year we have absolutely loved getting to know Ben, Danielle and their son Wyatt (whom our children adore).  We were thrilled when Danielle shared the news that they were expecting their second child, and we were honoured when asked to do updated maternity and family photos for them!

We are so happy to have these wonderful and genuine people as our neighbours and we hope they never leave! 

Here are some highlights from our session with this gorgeous family!

Love LOCPS xoxo

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