2017 Christmas Mini Sessions in all their glory!

The Christmas rush is settling down and it has been one fantastic whirlwind! We saw the familiar faces of our amazing clients and happily met so many wonderful new families!

Although I am not much of a cold weather lover (I am wearing 4 layers as I write this) I absolutely love Christmas.  It’s the one holiday I really get into. I love to decorate for the season and I get really into Christmas movies.  The Grinch, Elf and  A Christmas Carol are on constant rotation with the kids and Love Actually and The Holiday are my guilty pleasures in the evenings! A hot beverage, great book or movie, fuzzy warm blanket and a roaring fire is the epitome of bliss for me this time of year. It is also Christmas Card time! We appreciate that others put as much care and effort into their greeting cards as we do and feel honoured that they use us to capture those moments in time! I can’t wait to see what some of our clients do with our images and the amazing cards they will create! Every year we do something a little different with our Christmas cards, we try to make them humorous and light-hearted.  I have just completed this years and come back next week to see my masterpiece.  In the meantime check out some of our previous cards here.

Check out some examples of this years awesome shots!


I would love more Christmas movie suggestions, what are some of your favourite seasonal films?  Leave a comment below!

Love, LOCPS xoxox

P.S.- Didn't get a chance to do Christmas photos this season, never fear, order a custom Gift Certificate today and surprise your loved one with an epic Christmas present!

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Winter is Coming - is the Fall Portrait Season over?

Two Saturday's ago was the last weekend of our little town’s Farmers Market. Just like Game of Thrones warns, "Winter is coming". As proof I have broken down and turned on our furnace, started making warm stews (in hopes of luring in John Snow) and I’ve even put on my extra comforter; only to kick it off in the night with our Canadian weather deciding to go through menopause with plenty of hot flashes this year.  We had a family wedding to attend, so I was rushed walking around the last day of our beautiful market.  I went to my absolute favourite person at the market, Emily, from Red Rabbit Gardens, to get all my produce.  If you live in town I highly suggest you check them out.  Emily and her husband, Cory, have a farm about a 20 minute drive from downtown Georgetown and they grow the most wonderful and colourful vegetables.  My daughter absolutely adores her purple peppers and cooking with their gorgeous multicoloured carrots has made our usual orange variety seem positively dull, not to mention the taste! Check out Emily’s Facebook page here and see for yourself how amazing her and her husband are! After loading up my bags at Red Rabbit I ran over to Heather’s Bakery and treated the family to cinnamon buns and sugar cookies; the breakfast of champions!

The end of market season also reminds me that in the next few weeks all the leaves will be fallen from the trees and scattered all over the ground. Jeff is obsessed with cleaning up leaves and will be out there non stop, so drop by to say hi or simply point and laugh, which is what I’ll be doing!  Although the weather will be a little more rainy and cool our fall portrait season isn't over, but it's getting close, so if you haven’t booked your family fall session with your favourite photographer yet, I suggest you do so now and take advantage of Mother Nature’s last warm days.  Which also reminds me that we need to take our annual family photo….gulp, I better get on that! off to the mall to find our outfits for this years session! If you want some great tips and tricks to make your fall family photography session go amazingly well, check out our last blog post here!

Love, LOCPS xoxo

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Tips & Tricks for a Smooth and Inspiring Fall Family Photography Session!

As we roll into our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, fall this year has been, well, hiding on us.  Right when you think it’s about to happen… you know, there’s a slight crispness to the air and the leaves start to change colour… everything changes and, wham, it’s 30 degrees celsius! The good news about this, hopefully, is that our fall photography season will extend into November! Here in Southern Ontario fall is our most popular time for photography sessions, and there is a very good reason for that. The trees in this area are beyond stunning and the weather is still warm enough that you don’t need your winter coat and several pairs of socks just to get into your car. There’s a magic in the air that you can literally feel and smell, and that makes for the most wonderful photos. More than any other question we get, our clients want to know what they should wear to their family sessions with us! Deciding and coordinating outfits can be a very daunting task, especially if you have a large group to deal with! Here are some tips to help with this process -

1. Decide on colour. Think about your hues and tones.  Although having everyone match completely is an option, it isn’t really necessary, just make sure everything flows. Do you want light pastel colours that contrast the fall tones, or do you want warm or jewel tones to harmonize with your location?  Select two main colours you want to use and work the rest of your colour scheme around them. Unless everyone is wearing it, stay away from extremely bright colours and patterns. For ideas on harmonizing hues and outfits check out our Pinterest Board.

2. Feel free to add accents and layers. Staying warm can be a necessity depending on the time of year, but no one says it has to look like you're wearing 30 layers.  Adding a beautiful scarf, thick cardigan/blazer, or boots can add texture to your photographs without looking like you're preparing for a winter storm.

3. Hair and accessories.  No matter how casual you want your photos to be, add a little oomph with a great pair of earrings, headbands, necklaces or hats! The sky is the limit and it really makes your images unique to your family!  If you colour your hair, treat yourself to a touch up and avoid any unwanted roots or those pesky stray grey hairs!

If you’re still stuck, ask us! I love when clients send me their outfits in advance.  Sometimes their wardrobe ideas inspire me to choose a specific location that will make their clothing shine!

Some other things to keep in mind and make for a smooth photo session are -

1. Weather. As I said earlier, this years weather has been like a yo-yo! One minute I am in shorts, the next I am wearing 18 pairs of underwear and stubbornly refusing to turn on my furnace! The best thing to do is dress in layers that can be removed easily without ruining anyones hair!

2. Time of day.  If you have children who are still napping timing is crucial for smooth family photo sessions. We, and most photographers, are happy to work around your best schedule, we want your photos to rock too! :)

3. Snacks. There is nothing worse than a “hangry” (definition - so hungry you’re angry) child, or adult for that matter. I know I am easily agitated when I don’t eat, Jeff has plenty to say about that… but I won’t let him! Feel free to bring food.  During a family session there is often times when we are focusing on one family member and everyone else is on a break, this is the perfect time to refuel.  Granola bars, gold-fish, apples or any other snacky (but not too sticky) food item is perfect.

4. Relax. We are here to have fun! Sometimes the best photographs are the ones where your kids are laughing at each other and being themselves! We have lots of tricks to get your kids to look at us, so don’t worry yourself, there will be plenty of great shots!

What do you do to make sure your photo sessions go smoothly? Leave your solutions in the comments below! If there is anything I didn’t cover, please let me know and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends, and have an excellent weekend everyone!

Love, LOCPS xoxo

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Paletta Mansion Family Photography Session Celebrating A 15 Year Anniversary!

This photography session was a special one because Melina and her husband, Pablo, wanted to honour their 15th wedding anniversary. After renewing their vows in Vegas on a solo getaway, they wanted to capture this milestone with a photo session that showcased their dressy attire and included their two beautiful children. They wanted to incorporate their original wedding photo from 15 years ago into some of their family poses and, with great lighting and classy propping, I think we managed to give them something special that they will cherish and look back on for many anniversaries to come!  It was especially adorable when Jeff and I were photographing just Melina and Pablo and the children kept sneaking into the photo and giggling, which made us all giggle.  It really represented just how much this family loves each other and that is such a wonderful thing to feel and have the ability capture in imagery. This session took place at Paletta Mansion. Situated on Lake Ontario, the mansion faces the lake with a mass of green space and a gorgeous garden surrounding its beautiful stately grounds. The mansion features a stone veranda and stairs which are simply stunning making it a photographers dream as the area offers great variety for our sessions. Although the estate is best known for their weddings it is also a beautiful place to do a family portrait session.

Love, LOCPS xoxox

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Another 6 Month Milestone!

Three months passed before my eyes and baby Reese was back in my studio for her 6 month photo session. Here she is, sitting pretty! Oh, and I got to use my flower hat again- EEEEE I love it! Which one is your favourite?



Can't wait for her one year session!! Stay tuned!

Love, LOCPS xoxox

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Double the Fun- Photo-shoot of baby twins with Left of Centre Photography!

What's more challenging than one baby? Two of them! I bow down to parents of twins and multiples.  It takes far more organization and effort to even get out the door than it does with one child.  I'm in awe with how easily this family does it! Their girls are simply stunning and I was so impressed at how easy going the parents are.

I had such a great time photographing these gorgeous twin girls! Getting the chance to cuddle with both of them and seeing their different personalities was such a wonderful experience!

There really is something very special about twins, and these girls are no exception, check out a few of the gorgeous photographs I captured !

Love LOCPS xoxox

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Summer Family Portraits in the Park with Left of Centre Photography!

It's the perfect time of year for outdoor photography sessions.  The light is fantastic and fun is in the air with a fresh summer breeze.  We had the chance to work with an awesome family with two absolutely adorable children. Check out some of my personal favourites below!

Love LOCPS xoxo

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Sisterly Love with Left of Centre Photography!

We loved working with these sisters! These women were so much fun and you can see it in the photographs! What a great session.  Check out some of my favourites! LOCPS xoxo

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Father`s Day is this Sunday!!

I was going through my week this morning trying to be proactive (Ha!) when I noticed that this Sunday is Father`s Day... WHAT!?! So, what to do... no seriously...  what do I do? I desperately hit Michaels for excellent crafty ideas (which they have plenty of) only to be disappointed.  Jeff (my husband) wouldn't really want any of it.  Sure, it's adorable, but what on earth is he going to do with a framed piece of chalkboard? Now, I am a woman of a "certain age" and to give this gift to my own Dad seems a little too childish, don't get me wrong, I'm still totally cute and his only girl but my drawings are not going to cut it!

Then it hit me... I'm a Professional Photographer.... duh! For my own Dad I will be doing a personalized desk calendar (which he LOVES ) and for Jeff I will put together an incredibly thoughtful collage for him to go with the awesome art my kids will create for him!

Stuck on a Father's Day gift idea?  Here at Left of Centre Photography we do Custom Gift Certificates!

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Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! Below are some cute photographs of my husband and son!


LOCPS xoxox




The Beautiful Baby Adrienne!

As you all know I LOVE babies! I had the chance of photographing this beautiful little girl and I know you will all agree with me that she is stunning, it helps that her parents are gorgeous too! Enjoy!

LOCPS xoxo

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