I don't want much- just the MOON! (Jeff's DIY project)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about our new Starry Night Backdrop, where I mentioned an upcoming prop project for Jeff to make for me. In case you missed that post you can check it out here. I am loving our new backdrop and have used it whenever I can! For a sample post of an actual photo session using the backdrop click here. I already had a little boat prop that worked out really well with the starry night sky, but I wanted more... much more... I wanted a MOON!

I really wasn't asking for much, just the moon.

I often surf the web and look for inspiration for my photography. I love seeing what other people have created and use that as an opportunity to be inspired and create my own images with my personal flair and style. So naturally, I have many ideas. I'm an idea woman. Ideas that I share with (force on) Jeff. I wanted this really great newborn/toddler prop that is in the shape of a crescent moon, and being the nice person that I am I found a couple of sites to "help" him build it...with a few size adjustments. Through much discussion about size and colour, and a little more about size, Jeff built me a moon! Only, it turned out to be a little too big, apparently my eye for measurement is a little...off.  On the bright side it is absolutely perfect for toddlers! Not a problem, simple size solution and easy-peasy to make another, smaller one. Honestly Jeff, stop crying.

So what's better than a moon prop? TWO moon props, in two different sizes.  I think this makes us a super cool Photography Studio, plus when I am not creating art with it, our daughter loves to use it as a seat to watch movies on.  It was so worth it, right Jeff?

Stay tuned for photographs of me using the new moon prop in our studio, and in the mean time enjoy taking a look at some progress pics sent to me, the idea woman, for approval-

Don't judge the man cave! This area is forbidden to me and thank goodness for that!

Love, LOCPS xoxox

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