Boy or Girl? Rachel has her second baby!

It's a bird, it's a plane, no.... it's a baby GIRL!!!! So I'm not one for suspense, but it's the whole reason you clicked on this post and I didn't want to disappoint you or anger you by making you wait! That's right folks, Rachel had her second baby and also her second girl.  It was a little like deja vu doing this session because the adorable baby Lily looks exactly like her big sister, Raelynn, did as a newborn. This forced me to be even more creative and do something really different from what I had previously done with baby number one.  I always try to do something different, and I always check what I did previously to avoid anything being repeated, unless it's actually suggested by my client. This one was a big success!

I had such a wonderful time photographing this sleepy little girl, and I can't wait to watch her grow. I have been so lucky to hold and create memories with both of Rachel's babes, and being there for all their milestones makes me feel so privileged and like one of the family. Let's just say that Rachel better continue to have more children because I can't get enough of her awesome family! In case you missed my recent post with Rachel's Maternity photos and a recap of what sessions we've done so far, please click here and see what you're missing!

I present to you, the beautiful Lily-




Love, LOCPS xoxox

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